Topps Series 1

Topps Series 1

Topps released the ALF Series 1 trading cards in 1987.

Note: The regular set is usually assumed to contain only the basic 47 cards. There are four back-variations in the numbered stickers, and all variations are needed to complete the two puzzles. Each of the variation stickers is no more rare than any other sticker, thus the planned sticker set is 22 cards with 18 numbers. Because the stickers and Bouillabaseball card sets are both 22 cards and were inserted one-each per pack, they can be thought of as a combined insert set on a scarcity basis: A display box contained enough common singles for 4.1 sets, and enough stickers and BB cards for 2.2 sets each. Collecting decisions are difficult because Series 2 had only half as many stickers, with twice as many of each distributed.

Card List

1 Alf [Title Card]
2 Whaddya mean this isn't a piano?
3 I can see it's a cat ...But where's the soy sauce?
4 I think I'll order the cat of the day.
5 I use it for scanning hi-frequency interplanetary modulations ...
6 Hey, how come my bowtie doesn't spin?
7 I think I'll take a little catting practice.
8 What do you mean, "Willie is the fairest of them all"?
9 Hey, I'm supposed to be the one with the silly hair.
10 Hi, Honey, I'm home.
11 You're right! TV is a lot better when it's plugged in!!
12 Smile when you call me repulsive!
13 Now smile and say "cheese cat!"
14 Don't look now, but there's an alien behind the couch.
15 Don't come in yet. The kitchen needs a second coat of spaghetti sauce.
16 Cheer up. We'll stop falling off the couch eventually.
17 Wash the laundry? I thought you said toss the laundry!
18 Would you buy a used car from this family?
19 Are we having fun yet?
20 Alf, you can't dry dishes by putting them in the toaster.
21 My Earth family doesn't understand me, Doctor.
22 Tastes a lot like Calcoquille-St. Jacques.
23 I told you, I didn't eat lucky. Do you see a tail down there?
24 TV dinner? Isn't the picture tube a little tough to get down?
25 Siamese on rye, Stella. Tuck in the tail.
26 Hi there. Do you come here often?
27 Who needs a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I've got a refrigerator.
28 I'm taking this to remember you by!
29 Operator, I'd like to place a collect call to the Man in the Moon.
30 I wonder if I can deduct flea powder as a business expense?
31 Get my lawyer! Nobody calls me a litterbug!
32 C'mon, let's build something fun ... like a blonde.
33 This isn't your shirt, Willie. I borrowed it from a neighbor's clothesline.
34 What a shame. Nothing left to eat ...
35 Who ordered the grilled broccoli and tuna-flavored soda?
36 I'm a Melmac Doodle Dandy!
37 Alf, do you ever stop eating?
38 So the cat's missing. Why is everybody looking at me?
39 Siamese & mayo. Oh! I thought you said Cico de Mayo.
40 Whaddya mean you're trying to get cable? There's tons of it lyin' around!
41 I wanted a new car for my birthday ... but this is ridiculous!
42 I don't mind if you go steady. Just not with each other!
43 Want some anchovies? ... No, but I'll eat the can!
44 Hey, did you stop using hair spray and switch to Jell-O?
45 O.K. Who's the wise guy who made off with my Persian on rye?
46 I can't see the future, but I am getting a rerun of "Diff'rent Strokes".

47 A Whisker for Your Thoughts
48 Alf Checklist


1 How about a hug for the old Alfer? Corner puzzle piece
1 How about a hug for the old Alfer? Edge puzzle piece
2 I'm only 229. I haven't hit my prime! Completed Blue Border
3 You're OUT of this WORLD! Corner puzzle piece
4 Let's have a snack. You got a cat? Edge puzzle piece
5 Gimme four! Edge puzzle piece
6 Be there or be square Edge puzzle piece
7 Have a seat ... Let's have a chili cat! Edge puzzle piece
8 Willie's okay ... For someone without fur. Corner puzzle piece
9 I'm a People Alien! Corner puzzle piece
10 A whisker for your thoughts. Corner puzzle piece
10 A whisker for your thoughts. Edge puzzle piece
11 You remind me of someone I knew back on Melmac -- Corner puzzle piece
12 Happy light year! Nose puzzle edge
12 Happy light year! No-nose puzzle edge
13 Hey, No Problem! Completed Red Border
14 Don't be repulsed ... It's a turkey! Corner puzzle piece
15 Season's Greetings from Alf Edge puzzle piece
16 Alf - A girl's best friend Doorstop puzzle edge
16 Alf - A girl's best friend No-doorstop puzzle edge
17 What can I say? The kid adores me! Corner puzzle piece
18 Alf Edge puzzle piece

Bouillabaseball CardsEdit

1B Gordon "No problem" Shumway
2B Sally "Queenie" Shankwipple
3B Arnold "P.U." Garlic
4B G. Hamilton Chickpea III
5B Bob Lundquist
6B Ester "The Tomato" Dink
7B Hap Frizzbain
8B Howard "Slap" Happer
9B Brad "Hippity" Hopper
10B Reginald "Hoots" Fang
11B Mickey Mackerel
12B Thor "The Tank" Tankersly
13B Lyle "The Finger" Huck
14B Tyrone "The Shoe" Horner
15B Simus "Goobers" Wadsworth
16B Stanley "Mousebreath" Yikes
17B Ben "Choo-Choo" Tramer
18B Erno "What's It To Ya" Sludge
19B Ron Oyster
20B Wilbur "Scooter" Pyz
21B Egbert "Tiny" Cartwheeler
22B Skippy "The Terror" Meltzer

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