ALF Comic 32

ALF comic 32

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ALF comic 32 came out in August 1990 and contains the following three stories:

Story 1 - "Muscle Bound for Glory" - Strange Bells ring in the Tanners house, Willie thought it was the phone, Kate thought it was the doorbell, and Brian thought it was the ice cream man. it turns out that they're all wrong, Brian goes outside and stills hears the bells, Brian said it sound like it's coming from the attic.  The three go in the attic and find ALF using Melmacian "Bar-Bells" that are shape like a stike with two bells on each side, the "Bar-Bells" are made of Melmagnesium, That make them heavier than they look.  Later that evening, ALF skips dinner because he thinks that Kate's food will fatten him up, this happens because he goes on a High-Protein-Diet, so he only eats seafood all day long. Two weeks Raquel calls Kate on the phone, Kate lies that it could be a new Church in the area.  Brian tells Kate that he uses bigger bells the stronger he gets.  Kate is so upset, she goes up to the attic and is supprised to see that ALF is ALL pumped up.  ALf tells Kate that Melmacian Muscles get stronger quicker than human muscles. Kate gets worried that ALF is taking being Strong too far.  A week later, the Bells stop and ALF acts as a car Jack for Willie so Willie can clean his car easier, it turns out that ALF has been hold the car for a hour on one hand.  Many days pass, the Tanners hardly see ALF because he's Pumping up for 24 hours, he tells Kate that he's going cut down to 22 hours.  Kate's upset because see doesn't see ALF that much and she doesn't have a eastern exposusre for her plants. Later that night, ALF gets out of the  attic and picks the house up trying to help Kate.  Kate commands ALf to set the house down where he got it from, after ALF sets the house down, Kate Comand ALF to Pig Out in the Kitchen. ALF eats 1 German Cholate Cake, Liver and onions, drinks Clam Juice, and Congealed Bacon Fat. Two weeks later ALF worries Kate and Willie saying, "I'm in the Kitchen... ...Pumping Iron!", Kate and Willie to the Kitchen and are releaved that it that says, "I've should have said, 'I'm pumping cast iron". 

Story 2 - "Go Figure!"

Story 3 - "Imagine That!"

The cover depicts a muscular ALF with the heading "Do beach bullies pick on you? Kick sand in your face? Steal your picnic basket? Here's some advice from 'Mr. Melmuscles'!" This is very similar to the Charles Atlas advertising campaign.

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