Add & Subtract with ALF Front Cover-cropped

Add & Subtract With ALF - box front.

Add & Subtract with ALF is the name of an educational DOS game featuring ALF.

Add & Subtract with ALF - back cover-Apple

Add & Subtract With ALF - box back

The back of the box read's as follows:

Warm up to Math basics! Give your mind a mental work-out with Alf and his exciting Math exercises. Alf wants you to learn to add and subtract using bright shapes and colorful numbers! Alf says, "Train your brain!"

Alf's mental workouts include four educational games for children ages four and up. A special section is also provided for parents and teachers, outlining the information presented in the lessons.

Lesson One: Add the green squares and red triangles! Alf wants you to learn the basics of addition by adding the vivid shapes! Three levels of difficulty are provided.

Lesson Two: Take it away, Alf! Alf will instruct your child to 'take it away' as he/she learns the fundamentals of subtraction!

Lesson Three: It all adds up to success! Alf will assist your child in adding two and three digit numbers. The emphasis is put on place value.

Lesson Four: Subtraction becomes a snap with Alf and this program! Your child is encouraged to learn two and three digit subtraction. The emphasis is put on place value.

Special note to parents and teachers: These lessons are designed so children can run them on their own. If supervision is desired, short descriptions as well as suggestions are given to provide additional assistance.
Adding shapes

Add & Subtract with ALF screenshot


Add & Subtract with ALF screenshot

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