Ant Farm

Willie buys ALF an ant farm. At first, ALF is not interested but then becomes very attached to them. He is extremely upset when, after 5 days, he accidentally leaves them in the attic window, where the ants are fried by the sun.

To mourn, Willie suggests a funeral for the ants. ALF makes tombstones for them out of ice cream bar sticks.

Mattie and David are ants that ALF believes are getting married. Peg and Bob Becken are two ants that dug in tunnel 9. Brian said Spunky could really dig. There were also ants named Sybil, Jerry (who worked graveyard so they could spend their days with the larvae), Chad, Tyler, Zach, Logan, Jenna, Abner, Alan, Alicia, Amy, Aunt B, Auntie Em, Auntie Edna, and Esther.

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