Biblioside Ritual

Attendees are required to wear meat for the Biblioside Ritual.

A ritual in which ALF asks atonement for destroying Brian's history textbook (Melmacians believe that destroying a history book brings 7 years bad luck followed by 7 years of really bad luck). Attendees traditionally wear meat (see quidnunc) because the Melmacian high priest was also a butcher. In fact, all Melmacian ceremonies involved wearing meat except when they take place on Friday, in which case they wore fish. The ceremony must take place under the light of a green full moon. On Melmac, the moon would look green under certain atmospheric conditions or when someone throws up on it. ALF, the Tanners, and Jake, simulate this by wearing green sunglasses. Beyond these preparations, the actual ceremony is fairly simple and involves the offender saying "sorry about the book." ALF tries to dress it up a bit by having everyone do the Hokey Pokey.

After completing the Biblioside Ritual and effectively breaking the bad luck curse, Melmacians enjoy a period of good luck lasting up to three days.

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