Rick Mulligan

Rick Mulligan

Captain Rick Mullican (William O'Leary) is the scientific coordinator on Project: ALF. After saving ALF from execution by Colonel Gilbert Milfoil, he is promoted to Major. By the end of the movie, it is implied that he is beginning a relationship with Melissa Hill. Captain Mullican has had a crush on Melissa Hill ever since he first heard her say 'Welcome to Edmonds.' Together, they abduct Alf from his 'cell' (which is really an extravagant living quarters where he runs poker games and sells videos of hit movies still running in theaters) to prevent any more tests being run on him.

They take him to see Dr. Dexter Moyers (Miguel Ferrer) who is a childhood friend of Melissa's and her father, who was fired from NASA after a scandal. Moyers agrees to help, but unknown to Melissa or Rick, Moyers plans on selling Alf to the highest bidder after exposing him to the entire world on TV. Rick falls onto Dexter's scheme when he is trying to help Alf purchase some items on the internet and they stumble upon 'Operation Payback' on Dexter's computer which activates video cameras in the room. Rick later manages to videotape a confession from General Milfoil about his plans for Alf, using this knowledge about the video cameras being activated when someone turns on Dexter's computer, which gets General Milfoil arrested.

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