Space Invaders

ALF playing Space Invaders on the Atari.

There are several video games based on ALF:
  1. Add & Subtract With ALF (1988) - IBM, APPLE
  2. ALF - The First Adventure (1987) - Commodore 64, Apple II, IBM, Atari ST
  3. ALF (1989) - Sega Master System
  4. ALF's U.S. Geography (1988) - IBM, APPLE
  5. ALF's Thinking Skills (1988) - IBM, APPLE
  6. ALF's World of Words (1988) - IBM, APPLE
  7. ALF's Party Kit (1988) - IBM
  8. ALF: The Defender of Earth (c. 2000) - Windows

For downloads of these games, visit

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