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Consider Me Gone
Consider Me Gone is the twenty-fourth and final episode of ALF's fourth and final season. This is the series finale. It originally aired on March 24, 1990.


In the series finale, ALF receives a broadcast from Skip and Rhonda while using Willie's shortwave radio. They tell ALF that they have purchased a planet and want him to help make a new Melmac. They make plans to pick up ALF, but the Alien Task Force has intercepted the transmission and ALF is captured before he can be picked up.

This episode was meant to be a cliffhanger to be resolved at the beginning of the next season, but since NBC did not renew ALF for another season, it would not be resolved until the 1996 ABC TV movie Project: ALF. Many fans were displeased with the movie for various reasons and some don't consider it to be part of the ALF canon, but since it was written and produced by Paul Fusco (the creator and producer of the original series) for the express purpose of comprising the last chapter of the story, it is hard to refute. Furthermore, denial of the movie as canon forces fans to accept ALF's capture as the dismal conclusion of the story.

The original airing featured this message at the end

Title ReferenceEdit

"Consider Me Gone" is a song by Sting.

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