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Daily Melmac is the local press made by the Imperial Intergalactic Trade Federation, Gordon Shumway was once a reporter as his second job, This press was still active during the destruction of Melmac.



The press was formed but was inactive as the Federation still didn't declare freedom to the press, mentioned in one of the amendments written on the document holding it's freedom.

Between 1660 & 1950Edit



The first article is written in the newspaper, it talks about the Constitution & the Federation


In 1669, The Federation is boycotted because of Skipper I, Skipper wrote an article that went against the species in Cats R Us State & caused failure in the Federation & sentenced Skipper a 5 year imprisonment for writing lies about the Melmacian government,



Skipper II takes over his father's place in the Daily Melmac, Skipper writes the article about the Intergalactic Space Travel Organization.


Melmacians toast a victory to a nuclear war's end & Skipper II writes about his resignation.



Gordon Shumway becomes a part of the press


Gordon & Skipper III work together & write articles



Gordon writes about the Space Travel Academy.


Gordon attends the Academy & travels to Mars & writes about the Oort Cloud & the Supernova Arm & the Kuiper Belt


Gordon quits his job & Melmac blows up.

Post 1980Edit

The Press is forced to work under the Federation & has no freedom due to the Second Constitution informing it's anti-rights.

Known articles written by Gordon ShumwayEdit

  • 1950: Space Travel Academics
  • 1963: Martian Insanity, Fiercesome creatures decree supernovas & oort dust & kuiper asteroids
  • 1983: Federation's new constitution

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