Dexter Moyers

Dr. Dexter Moyers

A friend of Major Melissa Angel Hill's father, he is an ex-NASA pilot who resigned from NASA when he pushed for NASA to publish UFO sightings to the public instead of 'covering them up', especially after a sighting of his own.

During the last scenes of him in the movie, he turns out to have betrayed the main human characters of the movie. He is planning to reveal ALF to the public on 'The Nigel Neville Show', and then sell him to the highest bidder after proving the existence of aliens to 'get back at' NASA for 'drumming him out after 'The Lobo Incident'. Moyers resorted to bribery such as bribing food to ALF or money to make ALF known to the world. Moyers' plan is discovered by Rick and Melissa, who later on, get promoted when they reveal Dexter's plans to a military squad, led by none other than General Milfoil himself after Rick attempts to make a deal with Milfoil regarding the safety of Alf and Melissa. Dexter is carried away by the military, and his fate is unrevealed.

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