In December 2010, several entertainment news websites ran stories about a leaked gag reel in which Paul Fusco (who voices ALF) uses several profanities, including the n-word. The n-word outtake also included loud whoops and other profanities, as it was a spoof of a character with Tourette Syndrome that appeared on L.A. Law ("Noah's Bark" - season 4, episode 9 - original air date January 11, 1990). Another controversial scene portrays ALF making a suggestive joke to Andrea Elson, who plays Lynn Tanner. Several websites have incorrectly identified her as the "teenage costar" while in fact she was 20 at the time this episode ("I Gotta Be Me") was filmed.

The gag reel itself had been circulating on the internet for about a year before several websites ran stories about it in December 2010. Alien Productions has prompted the removal of the clip from at least one YouTube channel.

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