ALF's first will


ALF's second will

Gordon Shumway's first will was a hand-written will that he composed in the episode "Help Me, Rhonda" when he gets very ill with an Earth disease and fears that he is going to die.

His second will was a tape-recorded will ALF created in the episode The Gambler. ALF wrote this will because he had accrued a sizable gambling debt with the bookie, Nick "The Fish" Mints. ALF later manages to earn the money by renting out his wrecked spaceship for an appearance in the movie Jupiter Guys.

The First WillEdit

Reason it was madeEdit

ALF was so depressed that he felt ready to die from homesickness


It was written on a piece of paper, unlike his second will.


Last Will and Testament

I, Gordon Shumway, do hereby bequeath all of my worldly and cosmic goods...

The Second WillEdit

Reason it was madeEdit

ALF was afraid that Willie was going to murder him because of a $6,000 gambling debt he owed to Kate's mother's bookie.


"ALF: I, Gordon Shumway, Being of sound mind...

Willie: I beg to differ"

Willie interrupting ALF's Will

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