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Help Me, Rhonda is the seventh episode of ALF's first season.
It originally aired on Nov. 10, 1986.

Plot SummaryEdit

When Brian's birthday is coming up, ALF starts feeling homesick for his friends, since his planet Melmac blew up on his last birthday with his friends.

Seeing that ALF is homesick, Willie uses his radio equipment to attempt to contact someone from Melmac and gets in touch with ALF's best friend Skip and the girl he likes, Rhonda. When they ask ALF to come with them to start a Melmacian colony on a new planet, he must decide whether he wants to go with them or stay with the Tanners.

In the end, ALF chooses to stay on Earth because he feels that he would miss the Tanner family more. He also feels that he has plenty of time to meet up with his friends later since he has over 400 years remaining, according to Melmacian life expectancy.

Title ReferenceEdit

"Help Me, Rhonda" is a song by The Beach Boys - Skip and Rick sing this when they are ribbing ALF about his date with Rhonda.

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