Max Wright


Humans are the most common kind of species, much larger than the average Melmacian and the native sapient lifeforms of planet Earth. Since he crash-landed on Earth, ALF has been living among humans, and considers many of them as friends. Compared to Melmacians, humans are more serious and less playful, but this may be a disadvantage because they are much less technologically advanced than Melmacians. ALF was visibly offended when Willie described him as being "almost human" in the first episode. While technically space-faring race, their spaceships struggle to reach their moon. Their satellites and telescopes compensate for this disadvantage by being able to see different worlds from afar. However they must be unreliable since they don't seem to realize Mars is inhabited by Martians. While most Humans are ignorant of whether other sapient races exist, a few group of Humans realize aliens are real, such as the Tanner family and some government agencies.


  • Every Episode of ALF series

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