Ochmoneks with Jake

Jake Ochmonek Tanner (born c. 1975) was the nephew of Trevor and Raquel Ochmonek and is now the son of Willie and Kate Tanner After his father goes to prison for 5 years for fixing horse races, Jake goes to live with Trevor and Raquel. Jake has a tenuous relationship with his mother, Elaine Ochmonek, who struggles with kleptomania. Jake also has a brother and cousin Victor who are both in jail.

Jake meets ALF when he sneaks into the Tanners' garage and tries to steal their telescope. ALF and Jake become good friends and Jake stops stealing things and concentrates his efforts on repairing electronics. ALF had rather taught him how to reduce his shy and rude behavior towards people, especially Brian and Lynn.

Jake has a crush on Lynn Tanner, who spurns his many advances.

He acts as a big Brother towards Brian and a brother to Lynn as the show continues fills the big brother type role for Brian when ALF was discovered he was moved to live with the Tanner Family officially becoming Jake's big brother.