Jim Hutchinson is a co-worker of Willie's at the Social Services Department of Los Angeles County. He prefers to go by "Jimbo," but when he reveals that he is in the Federal Witness Protection Program for testifying against counterfeiters in the Cleveland Syndicate, he confesses that his real name is Steve (though he prefers to be called "Steverino").

According to his cover story, he is an orphan who was born in Seattle. He graduated from NYU in 1974 and previously worked in record promotions. His hobbies are saving the whales and driving his Delorean.

He claims that his Delorean is in the shop and comes up with a number of excuses not to return to his own apartment. Fortunately he is at the Tanner residence when an agent from the Cleveland Syndicate arrives with fake FBI identification to find him, as ALF captures him with a homemade trap.

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