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Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue? Baby, You Can Drive My Car

is the ninth episode of ALF's first season. It originally aired on Nov. 24, 1986.

Plot SummaryEdit

On his 45th birthday, Willie feels unfulfilled when he sees his list of life goals that he jotted down on the back of a restaurant menu when he and Kate were in college.

One of the goals was to skydive. He had tried when he was younger but chickened out before jumping. Willie has a dream where all of Kate's prior boyfriends and ALF pressure him into jumping.

Willie goes skydiving and at the last minute has second thoughts and tries to tell the man in charge, but since he can't be heard over the plane's engine, he decides to go ahead and jump.

Title ReferenceEdit

"Jump" is a song by Van Halen.

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