Katrina Van Tassel

Katrina Van Tassel plays her own sultry musical underscoring with a trumpet and plunger mute (with stick still attached).

Katrina Van Tassel is the gorgeous daughter of Baultus Van Tassel, editor of The Daily Hemisphere. She works as her father's secretary and immediately falls for Ichabod Crane when he is hired as a staff photographer. Her father, on the other hand, intends for her to marry Brom Bones. When Brom Bones finds out that the two are going on a date, he warns Ichabod against going. The two are unable to meet on their first date because Ichabod is pursued by the Headless Horseman. They ultimately meet at the party at the Van Tassel's house, when Ichabod discovers that numerous townspeople are masquerading as the Headless Horseman for a variety of personal reasons (Episode: "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow").

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