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Lies is the second episode of ALF's fourth and final season. It originally aired on Sept. 25, 1989.

Plot SummaryEdit

ALF gets frustrated with The National Inquisitor and decides to write to them to tell them the truth about the universe. The National Inquisitor is fascinated by his stories and pays him for his articles. He writes under the pseudonym Mr. Universe.

When they rewrite ALF's articles to promote misinformation, ALF gets infuriated and makes a nasty phone call to Marilyn from The National Inquisitor, prompting her to come over to do a personal interview. She brings along her photographer Phil, who snaps a photo while ALF is peeking in from the kitchen. ALF has to go out to the van to retrieve the film, while Willie makes up stories in order to stall them.

Title ReferenceEdit

There are numerous songs titled "Lies" by a variety of artists.

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