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Live and Let Die

The Tanners have a memorial service for Lucky.

Live and Let Die is the ninth episode of ALF's fourth and final season. It originally aired on Nov. 13, 1989.

Plot SummaryEdit

When Lucky the Cat dies, ALF is hoping to get a quick snack. He puts a cat toy with metal bell in it, in the box in which Lucky is buried so he can find it later with a metal detector, but Willie guesses the rouse and takes out the toy before burying Lucky.

When Willie suggests that Brian find a free cat in the paper, ALF decides to call all of them and have them bring the cats to the garage. ALF plans to eat them, but to his own shame, discovers that he falls in love with them (having never seen a kitten before, only full-grown cats) and can't bring himself to eat them.

In the end, the Tanners keep one cat. ALF wants to name him "Flipper," but Brian insists on calling him "Lucky II."

Title ReferenceEdit

"Live and Let Die" is a song by Paul McCartney and Wings written for the James Bond film of the same title.

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