Melissa Hill

Melissa Hill

Major Melissa Hill (Jensen Daggett) is a clinical psychologist on Project: ALF. After saving ALF from execution by Colonel Gilbert Milfoil, she is promoted to Lt. Colonel. By the end of the movie, it is implied that she is beginning a relationship with Rick Mullican.

Col. Hill is aware of Rick Mulligan's crush on her, but does not take it seriously until the two of them are forced to work together to save Alf from the clutches of Colonel Milfoil, who plans on injecting him with a fatal experimental serum. Melissa and Rick abduct Alf from his 'Cell' and place him in a mailbag in the back of a van after sedating him.

Melissa decides to take him to her father's friend, Dr. Dexter Moyers, a scientist fired from NASA after a scandal. Moyers is all too eager to help, and makes friends with the furry alien, and plans to expose him to the world on Public TV, and then sell him to the highest bidder. Melissa and Rick stumble on Moyers' plan and manage to defeat him with the timely entrance of Col. Milfoil who has sinister plans of his own and is later arrested when Rick manages to videotape a confession from Milfoil about his plans for destroying Alf. Melissa and Rick are both promoted and she accepts a dinner date from Rick.

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