Pizza Barge

A delivery boy from Pizza Barge delivers a pizza to the Tanner residence.

Mike's Pizza Barge is the name of a local pizzeria that delivers a pizza ordered by ALF to the Tanner house, which is received by the unwitting Raquel Ochmonek who has come over to babysit Brian. Raquel initially refuses to pay for the pizza, but when she finds out it has been paid for on a house account she takes it. The spare change from her pocket that she offers as a tip draws the response, "In some states I could still make a phone call." Shortly afterwards, Raquel informs her husband Trevor that a pizza has arrived and he promptly comes and takes it back to his house so he can watch the rest of the Dodgers game. (Episode: "Strangers in the Night")

When Dorothy first comes to stay with the Tanners, ALF is forced to go to the garage. He shouts for help and asks someone to call Mike's Pizza Barge to order him a pizza.

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