George Foley is the name of a man that allowed Willie's family (when Willie was a child) to stay at his cabin after Willie's father lost his job and their house was repossessed. One Christmas the Tanners rent Mr. Foley's cabin in order to relive Willie's old-fashioned Christmas.

Mr. Foley repairs old toys and delivers them to children at the hospital dressed as Santa Claus.

He was married to a woman named Margaret. However, when the Tanner family rented the cabin, Willie asked how Mrs. Foley is doing. Mr. Foley says sadly, that Margaret had been stricken with a terminal illness and died sometime after Halloween. While the Tanners offer their condolences, they get suspicious about Mr. Foley's overly-generous Christmas gift of the title to his cabin. Mr. Foley also makes a considerable donation to the hospital, getting the attention of a doctor, who says this is not an impersonation of Saint Francis of Assisi, but warning signs of suicide in giving away prized possessions. The doctor recommends Mr. Foley return on Boxing Day to talk to a psychologist who can help him deal with the loss of his wife. Mr. Foley attempts suicide Christmas Eve, when he stopped by ALF, who exposes himself and convinces him not to kill himself on the basis of his Santa Claus act for the kids.

When the elevator gets stuck at the hospital, in which Denise is going into labor with only ALF there to help, Mr. Foley is called to help repair it.

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