Muklukians were a race of small shrimp like aliens native to planet Mukluk.


Tough Shrimp Don't DanceEdit

Little is mentioned about their previous history. The race was nearly rendered extinct by Larson Petty, if it wasn't for ALF.

He Ain't Seafood, He's My BrotherEdit

In a power hungry grab, a group of Renagade Muklukians kidnaped ALF's brother, Curtis Shumway, in a plot to overthrow the King of the Muklukian race, which was foiled by ALF.


It's known that the Muklukian government is a Monarchy, due to the fact that the head of state is a King.


In The Spy from East Velcro Gordon says that George (the quality control inspector that he is pretending to be) was kidnapped by alien shrimp.


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