Pride of the Shumways

"Pride of the Shumways"

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Season 1, Episode 8 of ALF: The Animated Series.

Gordon is the pitcher for the Orbit Guard Bouillabaseball team, and his parents ask him to have Curtis be the "fish boy" at their upcoming game, as Curtis got an award on the kids team and his parents want him to get more involved in sports. At the Orbit Guard game, Gordon stumbles, but by luck he wins for his unit. His playing attracts the attention of Max Dursky, a scout for the East Velcro Codsters, the big league team of the Shumway's locality. Gordon is perplexed by this and declines, but when he learns he can get out of mandatory Orbit Guard duty by doing this, he signs. At practice, Gordon' skills stink in comparison to the pro players, but he is encouraged by the coach. At home, the Shumway family gushes over having a big leaguer in the family and throws a barbeque in honor of this, but privately Gordon admits to his father he may sink the team. Bob tells Gordon to listen to the coach and Max Dursky as they do bouilabaseball for a career. A;though sage advice, it is later revealed that there is more than meets the eye, particularly Gordon's signing near the end of the season. The first game where Gordon plays is a championship game where he pitches against the Smeltsliders. Gordon's lousy fish pitching enable the Smeltsliders to score many runs. Audience members boo Gordon, but Curtis remains a loyal fan, saying it is not over until it I over. After the fish attract a bunch of cats, time out is called in order for Eddie to capture all the cats. During the time out, Gordon is ostracized by the fellow Codsters, and he shows Curtis a quick trip of the playing facilities. By chance, Curtis is near the office of Jack Weenie, the corrupt owner of the Codsters, and overhears that has plans to dissolve his own team and have them absorbed into the Smeltsliders, and a losing season is the only way it will go through, hence the recruitment of Gordon. The Codsters' coach and Max Dursky are also in on the scam, where Weenie will split the payoffs with them 60%/20%/20%, and they will leave town, with Gordon Shumway being left as the fall guy because everyone will think he lost the championship for the Codsters. Curtis tells this to Gordon, Rick and Skip, who have their own plans to beat Weenie. Gordon puts his pet fish Bismarck, who is quite elusive, into the game. When Gordon is up at splat (Melmacian term for "at bat"), Bismarck flies rings around the Smeltsliders, enabling Shumway to score many runs which cause the Codsters to advance, but not overtake the Smeltsliders. One dirty player throws a bag full of rocks at Gordon's head, knocking him out.

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