Princess-from Sleeping Beauty


The Princess in the ALF Tales episode Sleeping Beauty.

When the Prince is 16 years old, he sees a beautiful Princess on a bridge and falls in love with her. Meanwhile, the evil sorceress sends her apprentice to deliver a newspaper to the Prince, from which he receives a paper cut and falls asleep. The Princess insists that she be taken to the evil sorceress, so the apprentice takes her to her castle. When a peasant tells the three nice wizards of the abduction, they go to the castle and give the Princess the Book of Truths to help her defeat the evil sorceress. They combat each other by stating trivial facts to each other. The Princess eventually overcomes the sorceress and goes to kiss the Prince, but his alarm clock wakes him just before the kiss. The Princess then takes one of the wizards' wands and puts him back to sleep and kisses him over and over. They eventually get married and live happily ever after.

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