Project Alf DVD

Project: ALF was a 1996 TV film that ran on ABC (Contray to the series being on NBC) starring ALF. The film is a sequel to the final episode of the TV series. The movie was directed by Dick Lowry and written by the series' creators Paul Fusco and Tom Patchett. In the U.S. it was a TV movie, but overseas, Alf was so popular, the movie was released theatrically.


At the end of the ALF TV series, ALF was captured by the Alien Task Force. Contrary to everyone's worst fears, ALF has been doing just fine in captivity. In fact, the poker games that he has runs in his cell with his guards, where he sells concessions and generally cleans up on the table, have made his life very cushy-in fact he has enough possessions to fill an aircraft hanger! However, when the committee on Project: ALF is ready to recommend ALF's release from custody, Colonel Gilbert Milfoil, head of security for the Alien Task Force, conspires to have ALF executed. Captain Rick Mulligan and Major Melissa Angel Hill find out about this plot and rescue ALF from his fate. When the plot is exposed, Colonel Gilbert Milfoil is arrested and ALF becomes an intergalactic ambassador to Earth.


  • The Tanners do not appear in this movie. However, they are briefly mentioned by an Air Force officer that they were placed under the 'Witness Protection and Relocation' Program, by the US Government, they are now living in Iceland. (They turned down Mozambique because they were unhappy with the education system there). ALF fans were generally displeased with the absence of the Tanners, who had been a critical element on the TV series. A brief scene was proposed where ALF keeps in touch with the Tanners, whereby he writes them a letter, which is received by Willie, who leaves a house in glacial Iceland to get his mail. This was not done when the producers decided the film should focus on ALF and not Willie.