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In this ALF Tales episode, ALF and his friends retell the story of Rapunzel.

The Witch controls all of the TV and radio stations in the kingdom, airing programs such as the game show You Bet the Witch. Rapunzel's family dreams of winning a fortune and they apply to be on the show. When the Witch sees Rapunzel's incredibly long hair, she plans to use her to sell Witch's Brew Shampoo. When they appear on the show and lose, the Witch makes the family forfeit Rapunzel to her.

The Witch keeps her in a tall tower and makes TV commercials that show her climbing her hair to show how strong Witch's Brew Shampoo has made it. The Prince sees her on TV and is smitten, so he calls his royal bodyguards to go with him to rescue her. He hears her singing rap music from a distance and follows the sound to find her. He and the bodyguards sing a rap song to her and she lets down her hair so he can climb up to her window.

The Prince leaves to find a ladder, but when the Witch finds out about the plan, she cuts Rapunzel's hair off and uses it to lure the Prince up to the tower to try to get him to marry her instead. When he tries to climb the hair back down, the Witch cuts it and causes him to fall, breaking his glasses. The Prince eventually finds Rapunzel and when she cries in despair, her tears drop into his eyes and give him 20-20 vision. Apparently, her family's tears have corrected vision for generations.

Together, the Prince and Rapunzel perform politically charged raps to rally the people to convince the King to regulate the airwaves so that the Witch is not allowed to control all of the radio and TV stations.

Rapunzel is a German fairy tale first published by the Brothers Grimm.

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