Rhonda on Skip's ship

Rhonda on Skip's ship in the episode "Help Me Rhonda."

Rhonda was born on October 15, 1752 and is a Melmacian woman that ALF met at a pet show the day after he broke off his 58-year engagement with Ruby (in a different instance, ALF implies that they met when Rhonda "skied around." ALF's mother did not approve of Rhonda for this reason). ALF didn't ask her out for 17 years. The next day, they were about to go on their first date when ALF, an Orbit Guard, was called to duty. Melmac was subsequently destroyed in a nuclear war and Rhonda escaped the destruction in a spaceship piloted by ALF's best friend Skip.

ALF was quite smitten with Rhonda and considered her to be a pepoon.

Rhonda is performed by Lisa Buckley in the live-action series and voiced by Paulina Gillis in the animated series.


Rhonda on the animated series.

Rhonda on Skip's Spaceship - Scene from ALF02:12

Rhonda on Skip's Spaceship - Scene from ALF

Rhonda and Skip - Deleted scene

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