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Robin Hood

ALF as Robin Hood

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In this ALF Tales episode, ALF and his friends retell the story of Robin Hood, the noble outlaw of Sherwood forest. Robin (portrayed by ALF) and his jazz band "Ye Merry Men" fight against Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham who is levying evil taxes, collecting gold and household appliances from the struggling peasants, while his brother King Richard is off in distant lands promoting his book, How to Be a Really Nice King. Robin Hood and his band, who include Little John, Will Scarlett, Friar Tuck, and Alan-a-Dale infiltrate Nottingham Castle to save Maid Marian and use their jazz music to neutralize the guards who turn out to be hep cats. King Richard returns and sentences Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham to ten years of watching the Home Shopping Network.

Robin Hood is a legendary figure from English folklore in the Middle Ages.

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