The Second Intergalactic Imperious Constitution is a copy of the First Intergalactic Imperious Constitution, However, when made by the Federation after Melmac's destruction, The new constitution went against the rights that were put into the old one. It destroyed the Judicial Branch & brought revolts to the Andromeda Galaxy,


First Intergalactic Imperious Constitution (1600-1800's)Edit

Long before the constitution was made, The old constitution held the Galactic Republic together until Melmac blown up

Rise of the Federation & Fall of the Republic (1800's-1850's)Edit

Years later, The Constitution was being ripped & the Federation decided to renew the Republic with a new constitution.

Destruction of Melmac & War revolts (1850's-1980's)Edit

As the republic slowly ripped apart, the Constitution was left unfinished & the Federation wrote errors to the constitution & ripped up the old one

Revolutionary Wars (1980's)Edit

Rise of the Federation (1981-1989)Edit

The New document symbolized orders unfair to the republic & started wars

Fall of the Imperial Rulers (1985-1990)Edit

The constitution was ripped up & the Republic created a destruction of the galaxy.

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