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Stairway to Heaven is the second episode of ALF's third season. It originally aired on Oct. 10, 1988.


In this episode, ALF accidentally injures Willie while playing croquet although ALF was playing by the rules of
"mucksucking," the Melmacian analog to croquet.

ALF begins to regret his ending up with the Tanners and says that he wish he'd never come here and flings the croquet mallet up in the air, which then hits him in the head knocking him out.

ALF has a dream that an angel named Bob comes to give him a new life. Bob gives him a sneak preview, in which he sees that the Tanners have a life of good fortune due to the absence of expenses that ALF made for the family, as well as the fact that ALF did not eat Willie's lottery ticket. ALF is the CEO of a corporation called Cosmique Cosmetics selling fluids from his spaceship as health and beauty products. He then sees the Tanners again, and they are so rich that they don't interact with each other. Willie and Kate play chess all day, they lose their sense of humor, their kids don't talk to them, and they either break things or ask their maid to belch for them since they get bored.

In the end, ALF decides that he doesn't want a new life, because it would mean never seeing the Tanners again. Bob says that it is too late to change his mind, but ALF then wakes up to find that he had simply been unconscious for the past few hours.

Title ReferenceEdit

"Stairway to Heaven" is the name of a song by Led Zeppelin.


  • ALF has another story concerning his fate when he is captured by the government in Project: ALF. However, he became an ambassador and was released to freedom. ALF possibly does wish to stay with the Tanners and could be searching for them after Project: ALF, unless he rather decided to wait for Rhonda and Skip, which was his plan that would have been carried out in Consider Me Gone if the government hadn't intercepted and decoded the radio transmission and captured him.
  • The plot is a parody on the film It's A Wonderful Life. Both this episode and the film are about the main character regretting to have made a wish that was granted by his guardian angel.
  • Antagonist: Bob

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