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Stop in the Name of Love is the first episode of ALF's third season. It originally aired on October 3, 1988.

Stop in the Name of Love


The episode begins with Willie and ALF at the table, serving themselves lasagna for dinner. Kate is bringing out dishes and Lynn returns home shortly. ALF is annoying Willie, which is nothing new, but what’s nice about it is the way in which ALF is being annoying: he’s rhyming everything Willie says. ALF takes time to compose his replies in rhyme means that the writing staff took the time to do the same thing. ALF is annoying Willie, which is nothing new, but what’s nice about it is the way in which ALF is being annoying: he’s rhyming everything Willie says.

The Tanners playing some store-brand version of Trivial Pursuit, and there’s actually a nice character joke when Willie gets to choose between the topics of science and sports. ALF says, “He’ll take science.” That’s funny enough, and then Willie bristles at ALF’s interruption. ALF asks him who won the previous year’s Superbowl, and Willie, defeated, says, “I’ll take science.” Lynn comes in with the mail, and she’s still upset. There’s a book in the mail for ALF, and Willie gets pissed that he ordered one. ALF tries to cheer up Lynn and he does get her to open up about what happened. ALF asks Lynn if there’s any other guy she has her eye on, and she tells him about Danny Duckworth, a baseball player. She then pulls out a yearbook to show him his picture, which is a little odd. Willie is trying to fix a machine that has a banana peel stuck inside. ALF comes in with a razor and asks Willie when was the last time he changed the blades. Willie was asking ALF why was he shaving and he knows women like clean shaven men. Lynn comes in angrily that ALF prepared for a date with Donny Duckworth. Donny comes in and picks up Lynn from the house and they go out to a drive-in date.

At the drive-in, they’re watching Death Wish 11. Lynn then tells Donny that she needs popcorn now, is absolutely dying for it, which we know is a ploy to get him out of the car while she talks to ALF, but she delivers the lie in a way that makes it seem more like she’s sweating and vibrating from the force with which she’s spraying diarrhea down the legs of her jeans. Brian asks Mom and Dad why was Lucky's dish bowl was left on the microwave and he knows that ALF got lost. Trevor comes in from his hiking trip and relaxes with Willie and Kate. Willie asks Trevor if he can borrow his car. Damon returns with a bucket of Golden Popcorn, which I think means he peed in it. He puts his arm around Lynn while holding it, because if there’s anything that gets a girl going it’s when you precipitously dangle greasy, hot food near her face. ALF pops up and eat the corn, ho ho ho, but it also causes Darrell Duckworth to look into the back seat like three times, making it very clear he would have seen ALF. Lynn convinces Dagwood Duckworth to leave for some soda and then she talks to ALF again. She’s angry that he ruined her date, but he says it’s not a date, it’s an oil painting, because he’s disappointed that he isn’t getting a front-row seat. Dexter “Diamond” Duckworth gets back with the sodas and Lynn decides to reveal her feelings after all. Willie makes some excuse about needing a blanket in the back seat. Lynn confirms it’s in the back seat. Dylan Duckworth still has no suspicion at all about anything in the back seat. Willie takes ALF home by carrying him by using his blanket.

When ALF goes home, he and Brian have their own drive-in in the garage, which ends with ALF violently using him as a sex doll. Willie and Kate come in as they join ALF and Brian eating popcorn together.

Title ReferenceEdit

"Stop! In the Name of Love" was a 1965 song by The Supremes.

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