Stella, Gordon (ALF), Skip, and Rick (4 of the 5 known survivors of the destruction of Melmac).

Rhonda and Skip on ship

Skip and Rhonda on Skip's spaceship after the destruction of Melmac.

Melmac was destroyed on Nathanganger 28th, 45-7 (1985 on the Melmacian calendar) ALF claims his planet exploded on his birthday due to nuclear war. ALF wandered through space for a year before crash landing on Earth.

The following five Melmacians are known to have survived the planet's destruction. Except for ALF, Skip, Rhonda, and Rick were more visible in the animated series.

  1. Gordon Shumway (ALF) - last seen serving as intergalactic ambassador to Earth.
  2. Skip - last seen piloting spaceship with Rhonda as passenger.
  3. Rhonda - last seen as a passenger in Skip's spaceship.
  4. Rick Fusterman - last known to be married to Stella and running a tanning parlor on Mercury.
  5. Stella - last known to be married to Rick and running a tanning parlor on Mercury.

The only other native Melmacian being known to have survived the destruction of the planet is a Melmacian Cockroach that Brian named Rodney. This cockroach stowed away on ALF's spaceship in a sack containing a slimeball.

Reasons for the Destruction of MelmacEdit

Nuclear War TheoryEdit

ALF claimed that the nuclear war he'd been fighting with the Orbit Guard & another planet was the reason why the planet exploded. This theory however cannot be solved unless if there was to be a record of what happened (which there isn't)

Hairdryer TheoryEdit

In Pennsylvania 6-5000, Willie asked if the reason the planet was destroyed was nuclear holocaust, but ALF claimed it was because every Melmacian plugged their hairdryers in at the same time.

Environmental Irresponsibility Theory Edit

ALF also appeared in a 1987 public service annoucement promoting environmentalism. He claimed that Melmac was destroyed because the Melmacians did not take care of their environment, and he hopes that Earth would be spared the same fate.

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