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Lies We're in the Money

Wanted: Dead or Alive is the third episode of ALF's fourth and final season. It originally aired on Oct. 2, 1989.

Plot SummaryEdit

Wanted Dead or Alive

Polygamy suspects.

When a polygamist resembling Willie is shown on the TV show Crimestoppers, both ALF and the Ochmoneks suspect that it might be Willie. ALF tries to protect Willie by taking away his shoes and trying to disguise him. Meanwhile, Trevor calls Crimestoppers, hoping to collect the $10,000 reward and Willie is taken to FBI headquarters for questioning.

There are numerous others resembling Willie at the FBI headquarters waiting to be questioned. Willie is released once they have verified his background. Upon his release he runs into Trevor at the FBI headquarters and finds out that he turned him in. The Ochmoneks give Willie a ride home, but an displeased Willie kicks over their lawn ornaments before coming back to his house.

Title ReferenceEdit

"Wanted: Dead or Alive" is a song by Bon Jovi.

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