Whizzer Deaver
Whizzer Deaver
is Dorothy's second husband since Season 2. The first time he appeared, Dorothy played hard-to-get because she's not ready to forget about "Sparky" (her late husband and Kate's father), despite Kate's insistence she is fine with having Whizzer for a stepfather and Lynn and Brian saying they want her happy. However, ALF was able to convince her to date him and move on with her life. ALF met Whizzer in Season 4, where Whizzer was perplexed by ALF's existence. However, unlike the fractal relationship between Dorothy and ALF, at least Whizzer was able to get along with ALF.

Whizzer was a clarinetist and band-leader for Whizzer Deaver and the Whizztones, a band that played at Club Juniper on Juniper Street.

There are conflicting stories as to how Whizzer and Dorothy met, both mentioned by Dorothy. At first, Dorothy says that she found Whizzer under her sink (fixing it). In the episode, "Break Up to Make Up," Dorothy says that she met Whizzer when he bought her a drink in a jazz club.

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